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Payments made after 4:30PM Monday - Friday
will not post until the following business day.

Bills are due on the 15th of each month and reflect water amounts used during the preceding month. All bills are considered the responsibility of each person signing the service agreement. If payment is not received by close of business on the 15th, late charges shall be applied to the account and a delinquent notice will be mailed reflecting additional charges. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date is the next scheduled business day. A bill is considered delinquent if any portion of the bill is unpaid (30 TAC 291.87). Delinquent accounts will be locked on the 25th of each month unless the 25th falls on a Friday, weekend or holiday, in which case delinquent accounts will be locked the next scheduled business day. An admin reset fee will be applied to the account at the time the operator locks the delinquent service. It is considered the responsibility of the owner to insure that payments are mailed with sufficient lead time to ensure timely delivery in accordance with the requirements of this Tariff.

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